Shaman Pitch Presentation App

Shaman is a presentation platform that enables you to close more deals. Most pitch presentations are not effective, as the key messages lack persuasion, clarity and simplicity.

The conversation about Shaman began back in early February, when Maurice Van Leeuwen flew down from Amsterdam to meet me to discuss about building an app that could give his clients an edge during sales pitches.

One of the major advantages of using Shaman is having all your sales content centralized in one place. However, we had countless iterations over customer journeys to make sure the user experience was simple, concise and cohesive as users had to jump between using the web based content management system and the iPad app.

Under the hood, Shaman is anything but simple and straightforward. While it's technical footprint would need more than a few lines, Shaman integrates some interesting technology such as Salesforce, Sentry error reporting and Apple Multipeer to mirror presentations on multiple iPads to name a few.

I built a small team of three to solve the creative and technical needs of this project back in 2014 and since then, Shaman has grown in terms of personnel and clientele with big brands such as Pfizer trusting the product. 

To learn more about Shaman, visit the product website or check out Shaman on the app store.