Harman House

Harman House is responsible for the retail and marketing of Harman Kardon products in the Middle East which prides itself on elegant and modern stores.

All Harman House stores are built with demonstration capabilities for their entire range of products, however, they wanted to enhance this experience and so I was approached to work on this project.

After several discussions with Harman, and their media partners, Mood Media GCC, there was a consensus that an iPad app, stationed adjacent to an audio device would serve best.

The iPad app would display all the necessary information while allowing the user to test drive the neighboring device it was paired with.

Harman's product catalogue and music library was managed by a web based content management system which automatically installed updates every night.

Developing the solution was straightforward, however, the customer experience needed greater focus and attention to detail to achieve an easy to use, yet, visually attractive app.